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Lori RappucciLori Rappucci

Chief Executive Officer

Lori is a single mother and a business woman who worked in various industries and companies over her career, in executive level and management positions. She also opened and operated a day spa in Parker, Colorado for a few years. Lori always enjoyed the beauty industry and grew up around it since her mother was a cosmetologist while Lori was growing up. She worked as a shampoo girl in a salon where her mother worked when Lori was just 10 years old. She enjoyed being around the friendly woman who were so nice that they tipped her even though she got them a little wet!  Lori also is a Certified Public Accountant and works to assist small businesses with their accounting and business needs. Lori has lived in Parker Colorado since 2002.  Prior to that, she lived in Denver and Highlands Ranch. She was born in Pennsylvania but says she will never leave beautiful Colorado! Pri’a Skincare Solutions was born out of Lori’s desire for beautiful, youthful-looking skin. Lori has said “I would like use my skin care line as a vehicle to help other women. I am in the early stages of building this business but eventually I will have certain programs here to benefit cancer survivors and women of little means.” Lori enjoys spending time with her daughter and her pets. She is a huge animal lover and supporter. In addition to her child, Lori has 2 horses and 2 cats! In addition, she loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, Zoomba, walking, snow shoeing, gardening and reading.



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The Answer to Beautiful Skin


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